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More  Than  Personal  Training

At 121 our vision is to create an optimal teaching environment for trainers and their clients to effectively execute their training programmes.  5600 square feet of state-of-the-art fitness equipment located in the heart of Hong Kong's primary business district, Central, stages this exclusive facility.  

We understand that each individual has unique requirements and conditions that need attention in order to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Our personal trainers at 121 design bespoke programmes to suit client's needs

 Clients are screened thoroughly, looking at training history and training restrictions, before embarking on a training programme that evolves as you progress.  With the versatility of the facilities and the experience of our experienced personal trainers, you can be sure that you are working with the best in the industry.

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  At 121 Fitness we offer various options for clients with specific requirements.  We will attempt to cater for all clients in order for them to achieve their goals.


At 121 Fitness, working one-on-one with one of our trainers will provide you with a detailed analysis of your needs and a strategy in order to achieve it.  Our trainers are experts in teaching which will ensure the most efficient use of time that you wish to dedicate towards achieving health and fitness related goals.  At 121 Fitness we strive to achieve maximum results in limited time.  


Many prefer the company of others whilst exercising because it creates a more enjoyable and motivating environment.  At 121 Fitness we can create small or large group training sessions for clients looking for this style of training.  Additionally this option is also an ideal option for those looking for a more economical alternative.


If you are a qualified freelance personal trainer and are looking for an ideal teaching environment to train your clients, then 121 Fitness should be the top of your list.  5600 square feet of modern fitness equipment and facilities will create the perfect space for you and your clients work towards your goals.


Working life creates many stresses on the body.  Posture is greatly affected for those who spend many hours a day sitting at a desk.  Stress also plays a significant part in overall health and fitness in people.  At 121 Fitness we use effective training techniques to counter these and provide professional guidance to ensure that maximal wellness is experienced by all clients.  Our trainers are expert educators which will ensure clients can make necessary adjustments to their lifestyle as to improve their quality of life.  Training can be individual or in groups.
Copyright © 2017 121 FITNESS LIMITED.  All Rights Reserved 


121 FITNESS team consists of elite personal trainers who have been in the industry for up to 20 years. Apart from this, these trainers are also expert educators. 121 Fitness trainers are able to communicate in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. The combination of experience, knowledge and teaching ability makes 121 Fitness trainers stand out amongst others.

Ed Chambers
Matthew Chong

Michael Gurung

Stuart Wai
Plus over 50 others 


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Copyright © 2017 121 FITNESS LIMITED.  All Rights Reserved 

9/F Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queen's Road Central,
  Hong Kong
     Mon-Fri     7am-10pm
   Sat            8am-6pm
   Sun/PH     9am-5pm
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